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Loc: Montreal
Bio: Freelance writer, copywriter, author, speaker and coach – with particular interests in web content, the social web, and the freelance life.
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Loc: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Bio: Copywriter, Internet marketing strategist, business owner, author, speaker. Co-author with my wife @sylviefortin of
Score: 1.044661
Loc: Rocky Mountain Way
Bio: Online marketing, publishing, and tech advice, tweeted daily, from the editorial team at Copyblogger Media.
Score: 1.043215
Loc: Norwich UK
Bio: 9–5: Copywriter, blogger, guest blogger @econsultancy. 5–9: Parent, runner, gardener, gamer, currymaker
Score: 1.041586
Loc: Portland, OR
Bio: SEO copywriting geek chick. International speaker. Book author. SEO Copywriting Certification developer. Digs content marketing and the tasty art of persuasion.
Score: 1.041144
Loc: Alberta, Saskatchewan
Bio: Tired of crap content? Forget words & think conversions instead. Get online & offline copywriting, content strategy & marketing help all in one place.
Score: 1.038668
Loc: Denver, Colorado
Bio: Direct Response Copywriter. Book lover. Rabble-rouser. 39-Point Copywriting Check List available free on my blog.
Score: 1.037526
Loc: Toronto, ON
Bio: Toronto-based freelance copywriter who helps B2B technology marketers get more leads and sales. Loves Lindy Hop, Pilates and French macarons.
Score: 1.037526
Loc: Peterborough, Canada
Bio: Bestselling business author, speaker, trainer. Marketing consultant to entrepreneurs and corporations. Husband. Daddy.
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Loc: Delray Beach, Florida
Bio: American Writers & Artists, Inc. is the Publisher of the World's Best Home-Study Programs for Copywriting, Travel Writing, Social Media & More. Tweets by Holly.
Score: 1.036913
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